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8th July 2012


Going Greek (in Melbourne)

When asked where she wanted to go for dinner the other night, my three year old suggested her favourite restaurant, an authentic Greek place a stone’s throw from Hughesdale train station - Thanasis Greek Tavern. Not wanting to be the one to remove the silver spoon from her mouth, I relented.

In actual fact, I love the food there but I think what makes it stick in my daughter’s mind is the little dance floor and Greek music.


As the place is nearly always empty when we go, she has the run of the place and we don’t have to worry about irritating other diners. Greeks generally love kids too so it’s a perfect place that also satisfies our need for delicious food. Now don’t get the wrong idea when I say the place is usually empty when we go. It is, BUT we eat early when we take the little one. And we’ve driven past the place many-a-time to see it rammed full of diners. They regularly host parties too, in proper Greek style, with live entertainment.

The first time I ate there, we opted to share the mixed dips (taramasalata, tzatziki, eggplant) and loukanika (Greek sausage) followed by the meat platter and Marida (pan fried white bait). Yum!

I’m not going to go into a great lavish dialog on how good the food is here, suffice to say we’ve returned time and time again and I now know how calamari should be cooked. My favourite meals have included the prawn saganaki and the mixed platter (which consisted of fresh Barramundi, calamari, prawns, oysters, lamb souvlaki, chicken skewers, lamb rissoles and loukanika). Oh yes! (Worthy of a Harry met Sally outburst).

I’ve travelled all throughout the Greek Islands and eaten in Greek Restaurants in London and Melbourne and this is one of the best I’ve been to. Service is friendly although perhaps not quite as attentive as you might expect when compared to the quality of the food, but I guess this is the old school Greek way. They don’t expect you to rush and you shouldn’t expect them to. It’s also BYOB.

Check out the restaurant’s website for more details:

Thanasis Greek Tavern on Urbanspoon